Academic Crisis Line

Remember these radio shows from the 80s and 90s where listeners could call in and talk about their problems? Imagine a mix of these with an anonymous self support group of early career academics and researchers as a target audience. Now you have an idea of what  Academic Crisis Line is about.

The first session was about How to juggle multiple projects? You can watch the video here:
I also wrote a brief summary. 

Next session is Oct 25th about Life-saving archiving and documentation strategies (good academic practice). There will be guests!

You can vote for topics by following this link:


At the beginning each session, I will live stream a brief overview over the topic to the best of my knowledge and point to relevant resources. You can live tweet (@Ph_Dial) questions and comments or use the youtube chat function. You can also email me your questions and topic suggestions ahead and I will discuss them in the session. There will be regular guests.

Help me to make this interactive and tell me which topics you are interested in: